Sixty Degree Mornings

A Poem for the Day Kelsey Quick Sixty degree morningsPatterned, cloudy windstreamsThe sip of saccharine coffee,And warm breakfast cookies.Pleasant, distant worldsPenned in ink and magic,In words I’ve yet to know.In worlds I long to go.But this one is good—for now.This one is good. It’s funny how days change like the seasons. Like contacts of perspectiveContinue reading “Sixty Degree Mornings”

“You’re so beautiful.”

This weekend was a crazy one. It was filled with memorable experiences and times with family and friends that I wouldn’t trade for the world—but I wouldn’t exactly call it relaxing or easy. I’m one of those introverts that complains about everything I have to do in the throes of society until I actually getContinue reading ““You’re so beautiful.””

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