The Roaring 20s

She was conscious that the things she did were the things she had always wanted to do.

Zelda Fitzgerald

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The Desire to Die

The things that come crashing in around you are often sharp and specific; ruthless and cold. I used to try and avoid them but now it’s masochism of the most tragic degree. I welcome them. I treasure feeling the desire to die because then at least I’m feeling something.


I live in a fantasy, in a world where my writing means something. It’s depressing, how easily I can see it—how visible the line is between my ego and my worth. It’s a bitter spectrum I pray to turn over, I pray to be a matter of perspective rather than truth. Alas, I wake eachContinue reading “Convergence”

She Knew

Her mind wouldn’t stop, and it was a beautifully awful thing. What led to her success, a pendulum of anxious paranoia to avoid the opposite—a type of irony lost on most of the weak-minded public; the folly of man, she called it. It was a cross to bear despite the privilege. Even in her bestContinue reading “She Knew”

Hello and Welcome to The Roaring 20s.

Happy New Year to all, and to all a safe, yet exuberant decade. I’m Kelsey and I don’t like to blog. Well, that’s not true. I’m just bad about sticking to it. And when I eventually fail at posting, I beat myself up over it, only to start again once enough of my self-disappointment has been swept under the rug. Thus, here I am (for about the 4th time).

My blog is centered around the new decade, around the roaring 20’s because I’ve always been in love with that era (plus, I’m still in my 20s!). Okay, maybe I’m not in love with the era itself… I mean, Netflix is a must, so I can’t live at any point prior to 2010, but the aesthetic of the 1920’s is so rich with poise and decadence that I can’t help but fawn over its frivolous flappers and geometric art deco.

Here, I will share my idle ramblings, my mumblings and grumblings, and a few bits of wisdom (good luck finding them! muahaha), so follow along if you’re into that sort of thing? Also, I might talk about vampires a lot. Fair warning.

Welcome to the soiree! Let’s see if I can keep it going until the depressing 30s?

With Love, Kelsey

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