Sixty Degree Mornings

A Poem for the Day

Kelsey Quick

Sixty degree mornings
Patterned, cloudy windstreams
The sip of saccharine coffee,
And warm breakfast cookies.
Pleasant, distant worlds
Penned in ink and magic,
In words I’ve yet to know.
In worlds I long to go.
But this one is good—for now.
This one is good.

It’s funny how days change like the seasons. Like contacts of perspective swapped between one night to the next morning. I can’t tell you how many times my attitude and outlook changes based on the kind of sleep I have. It’s a strange power I wish I could harness. Overall, our main objective in this life is finding the good days; more good days than bad, and more great experiences than lukewarm. This morning I had the opportunity to wake up into a good head space, which was very much needed. The tides of yesterday brought about a lot of insecurities and discontentment. But today is new, anything is possible. And I have high hopes that it’s a good day.

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